Repairing of kitchenaid phase control board

It’s a story how I spent thee days troubleshooting 9 elements circuit when 7 of them are passive. I didn’t found what’s wrong, but fixed it. Foreword: I have  control board marked as W10354309, it’s European 220V model of phase regulator. I don’t really understand the rules how kitchenaid marks their parts, because I found […]

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Lenovo battery hack and whitelist at the same time

Recently I’ve got x230 laptop and have a plan to change buggy Intel Centrino 6205 adapter to something like Atheros, also I decided that it’s worth to have ability to use x220 like batteries, just in case. To achieve that, I needed to flash patched firmware for EC controller (thinkpad-ec project) and modified bios (1vyrain […]

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Dirty hack to add values mappings in Zabbix

“I’ll be brief.” © Here is two things about script published in ZBXNEXT-1424, first it can help you to automate creation of large mappings (and it’s cool), second it will broke your DB (not so cool, maaan). When you will try to add mapping in broken DB you will see something like this: The “Error […]

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LVM recovery

Few days ago i made mistake and forced fsck to check partition that contain LVM instead of logic volume, as result i got broken LVM metadata. I was unable to see volume group an logic volumes. pvs output looked like that: # pvs -v Scanning for physical volume names Incorrect metadata area header checksum I […]

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How to fix ‘Timezone database is corrupt – this should *never* happen!’

Today i upgraded to wheezy. When i entered my blog i observed that it does not work anymore. I looked into logs and found next errors: [26-Jun-2013 12:59:41 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  date(): Timezone database is corrupt – this should *never* happen! in … [26-Jun-2013 12:59:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  strtotime(): Timezone database is corrupt […]

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Strange pattern on roof of my car

 Yesterday before i go to sleep, i looked through the window and found strange circle on roof of my car. Day was very sunny and first i thought that something dark (like a leaf) fell on roof, heated it and melted snow. But edges was very sharp and it looked like accurate circle, next guess was that somebody forget […]

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