How to block IP ranges of specified autonomous system

If you want to prohibit access to your host for specified AS, you can use solution below. I made it some time ago, when I found out, that hunting for hosts which help to bypass telegram censorship. It’s not perfect because I didn’t make much effort to it. Whois can return sub-networks and networks […]

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You IP

Since the idiots in the Russian government passed a law similar to ‘SOPA’ i started to modify routing scheme at my home. Many times i used to determine my current outgoing IP address, but i wanted to use more minimalistic tool for this purpose. So i created my own tool with blackjack and hookers, […]

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Addresses of TOR relays

Some time ago i wrote about how to block access from TOR network. Few days ago i observed, that file with addresses of TOR relays ( not available anymore, i did not found similar list, so i wrote my own script with blackjack and hookers. Output of this script not compatible with format of “exit-addresses”, […]

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Smart traffic shaping with tcng

An year ago i was set up my own home router based on PC and faced with the necessity of prioritizing network traffic. First i drown small diagram that displayed traffic that i had and priorities that i was will to give to that traffic. I placed diagram here, but i must warn you, i […]

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