How to just send logs from files to graylog2

That solution allows to read logs from file and just send them to remote syslog/graylog server. Logs will not influent on current syslog settings, you won’t need to filter them out of any syslog facility (like local7), all you need – the rsyslog (I’ve used v8). My task was to send logs which wrote by […]

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Converting SNMP enumerations to Zabbix value mappings

Many of those, who tried to use Zabbix for monitoring SNMP capable devices faced with need of creating value mappings. It’s ok to create them by hands if mapping contain few values and you don’t have many metrics that uses ‘named-numbers’. For those who have not had fortune to face with this, I will explain. […]

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Dirty hack to add values mappings in Zabbix

“I’ll be brief.” © Here is two things about script published in ZBXNEXT-1424, first it can help you to automate creation of large mappings (and it’s cool), second it will broke your DB (not so cool, maaan). When you will try to add mapping in broken DB you will see something like this: The “Error […]

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Bug in munin

Few weeks i observed strange graphs for network usage produced by munin, i did not attach any importance to this. But few days ago when i seen again 600Mbit badwidth usage on host that had 10Mbit connection i remembered that before made some changes in munin.conf. I looked at config and found that changed directive […]

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