Converting SNMP enumerations to Zabbix value mappings

Many of those, who tried to use Zabbix for monitoring SNMP capable devices faced with need of creating value mappings. It’s ok to create them by hands if mapping contain few values and you don’t have many metrics that uses ‘named-numbers’.
For those who have not had fortune to face with this, I will explain. Enumerations it’s some sort of agreement about how to code different states or types or something identical by using only integer values. For example let’s see on SNMPv2-MIB::snmpEnableAuthenTraps:

% snmptranslate -Td SNMPv2-MIB::snmpEnableAuthenTraps
snmpEnableAuthenTraps OBJECT-TYPE
 SYNTAX INTEGER {enabled(1), disabled(2)} 
 MAX-ACCESS read-write
 STATUS current
 DESCRIPTION "Indicates whether the SNMP entity is permitted to
 generate authenticationFailure traps. The value of this
 object overrides any configuration information; as such,
 it provides a means whereby all authenticationFailure
 traps may be disabled.
Note that it is strongly recommended that this object
 be stored in non-volatile memory so that it remains
 constant across re-initializations of the network
 management system."
::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) mgmt(2) mib-2(1) snmp(11) 30 }

Here you can see, that integer ‘1’  used to code ‘enabled’ and ‘2’ for ‘disabled’, so if you want to see in your zabbix human friendly ‘enabled/disable’, you need to create value in your zabbix mapping first. It’s not a difficult task, if your mapping small like this, but it’s pain in the ass if your mapping consist many values. For example IF-MIB::ifType consist of 254 values. For completeness i need to say, that prior zabbix 3.0 you had not legal way to automate it.

When i first time searching for solution, i found that script in feature request ZBXNEXT-1424
Unfortunately it will break your db, about it you can read here. In Zabbix 3.0  value mappings API was introduced, now you are able to import/export mappings in XML format or you can do it via RPC.

Looks like it’s time to a perl magic. Tadaam! Script that generate value mapping in XML format for specified OID. I placed it onto github: here you will find requirements and examples of usage. In short you type in console something like this:

% perl ./ --oid SNMPv2-MIB::snmpEnableAuthenTraps

And it will generate something like this:

 <?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>

You need only few additional modules for perl and configured snmp.

Dirty hack to add values mappings in Zabbix

“I’ll be brief.” ©
Here is two things about script published in ZBXNEXT-1424, first it can help you to automate creation of large mappings (and it’s cool), second it will broke your DB (not so cool, maaan).
When you will try to add mapping in broken DB you will see something like this:


The “Error in query [INSERT INTO valuemaps (name,valuemapid) VALUES (‘Test mapping’,’50’)] [Duplicate entry ’50’ for key ‘PRIMARY’]” mean, that in table valuemaps you already have entry with valuemapid = 50. Why it happened i tell later after we fix DB.

To fix DB, you need to update few entries in table ‘idx‘, first update nextid where table_name = valuemaps:

mysql> update ids set nextid = (select max(valuemaps.valuemapid)+1 from valuemaps) where table_name = 'valuemaps';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.22 sec)
Rows matched: 1 Changed: 1 Warnings: 0

Second update nextid for mappings:

mysql> update ids set nextid = (select max(mappings.mappingid)+1 from mappings) where table_name = 'mappings';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.22 sec)
Rows matched: 1 Changed: 1 Warnings: 0

Here it is!

This happened because script does not update table idx. May be it’s ok for zabbix 2.0 that mentioned in feature request, but it’s broke database for zabbix 2.2 and newer. Unfortunately zabbix prior version 3.0 does not have API or ability to import mappings , so that script still useful.

Here is fixed script, i hope author will not offended at me:

use warnings;
use strict;
my $usage = "$0 valueMapName number newvalue [number2 newvalue2 [...]]
 $0 'Alarm Status' 1 ok 2 unknown 3 stale 4 problem
 $0 'Aliveness' 0 dead 1 alive
my $valueMapName = shift() || die "No new valuemap name";
my @mapList = @ARGV;
die "No mappings given. Usage: $usage\n" if scalar(@mapList) == 0;
my $isEvenNumber = scalar(@mapList) % 2 == 0;
die "Must give mapping->value pairs. Usage: $usage\n" if not $isEvenNumber;
my %mappings = @mapList;
my $newValueMapId = int(qx/mysql -N -s -e 'select nextid from zabbix.ids where field_name = "valuemapid"'/) ||
die("Can't fetch max valuemapid\nUsage: $usage\n");
my $newMappingId = int(qx/mysql -N -s -e 'select nextid from zabbix.ids where field_name = "mappingid"'/) ||
die("Can't fetch max mappingid\nUsage: $usage\n");
eval {
 my $valueMapCmd = qq/mysql -e "insert into zabbix.valuemaps (valuemapid, name) values ('$newValueMapId', '$valueMapName');"/;
 print "$valueMapCmd\n";
 system $valueMapCmd;
 eval {
 for my $from (keys %mappings) {
 my $to = $mappings{$from};
 my $mappingCmd= qq/mysql -e "insert into zabbix.mappings (mappingid, valuemapid, value, newvalue) values ('$newMappingId', '$newValueMapId', '$from', '$to');"/;
 print "$mappingCmd\n";
 system $mappingCmd;
 if ($@) {
 die "something went wrong inserting into mappings $@";
if ($@) {
 die "something went wrong inserting into valuemaps $@";
my $valueMapUpdCmd = qq/mysql -e 'update zabbix.ids set nextid = "$newValueMapId" where field_name = "valuemapid";'/;
print "$valueMapUpdCmd\n";
system $valueMapUpdCmd;
my $mappingUpdCmd = qq/mysql -e 'update zabbix.ids set nextid = "$newMappingId" where field_name = "mappingid";'/;
print "$mappingUpdCmd\n";
system $mappingUpdCmd;