Fixing Gutenberg error “The editor has encountered an unexpected error”

After update to WP 5, I’ve faced with next issue, I’ve couldn’t add new post or edit existed. Looks like error happens because of misconfigured nginx and when new ‘Gutenberg’ editor is active (which is true by default for wordpress 5.0 and above). Earlier I had nginx location / configured in next manner: location / […]

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How to use angled brackets in WP-Syntax

I often use WP-Syntax plugin for syntax highlighting. When i used angled brackets or ‘&’ symbol or something like that i recieved next garbage: $ echo fail 2&gt;&amp;1 &gt;/dev/null$ echo fail 2&gt;&amp;1 &gt;/dev/null It happened because wp-syntax tried to escape special symbols, but <pre> tag says wordpress to show symbols as it passed into that […]


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Password protected access to “/wp-admin” on nginx

Here i found advice how to make wordpress more securely, idea is to protect access to “/wp-admin” by http auth, but “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” must stay available for everyone, same is true for some .css files. I spend some time to research solution, it was a bit complicated: location /wp-admin { location ~ /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php$ { # Php […]

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Forbid access to php into “wp-content”.

I expected in few articles an advice to disable direct access to php scripts into “/wp-content/uploads” i done small research and observed, than .php placed into “/wp-content” and into subdirs was newer directly accessed thru web. So i just completely disabled direct access to php scripts placed into that dir and subdirs. Looks more securely. […]

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How to change page order of top menu in wordpress.

I try to reorder menu items by setting page order into Dashboard/Pages/Quick Edit, also i try plugin called ‘my page orders’, but anyway menu items was sorted alphabetically by page title, so i started to dig deeper. In my template ‘top menu’ generated by function ‘wp_nav_menu‘ placed into header.php. When i looked at template, i […]

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