Tor blacklist

Few month ago i was interested in how to block incoming traffic from Tor network. Tor network have finitely numbers of exit nodes, so the solution is to block traffic from this nodes. I see two solutions how to block exit nodes.  First use TorDNSEL service, in brief you can check that connection comes from […]

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Password protected access to “/wp-admin” on nginx

Here i found advice how to make wordpress more securely, idea is to protect access to “/wp-admin” by http auth, but “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” must stay available for everyone, same is true for some .css files. I spend some time to research solution, it was a bit complicated: location /wp-admin { location ~ /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php$ { # Php […]

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Forbid access to php into “wp-content”.

I expected in few articles an advice to disable direct access to php scripts into “/wp-content/uploads” i done small research and observed, than .php placed into “/wp-content” and into subdirs was newer directly accessed thru web. So i just completely disabled direct access to php scripts placed into that dir and subdirs. Looks more securely. […]

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