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How to fix ‘Timezone database is corrupt – this should *never* happen!’

Today i upgraded to wheezy. When i entered my blog i observed that it does not work anymore. I looked into logs and found next errors: [26-Jun-2013 12:59:41 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  date(): Timezone database is corrupt – this should *never* happen! in … [26-Jun-2013 12:59:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  strtotime(): Timezone database is corrupt […]

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Kali linux on LiveUSB with working persistent partition

Few days ago i wanted to make liveusb with kali linux (i had backtrack before). I used this guide to install kali, but i observed, that persistence partition does not work. There is partitions on my usb drive: When init script found persistent partition and tried to mount  their return error “mount: mounting /dev/sdaX on […]

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Split and encode FLAC/CUE to mp3/ogg in one run.

Few days ago i  needed to split and encode one flac file to mp3. I found few solutions, one of them only split flac file, other encode flac to mp3, but no one do not do it in one run. So, i wrote script, you must specify flac and cue/toc files, after that script will […]

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Smart traffic shaping with tcng

An year ago i was set up my own home router based on PC and faced with the necessity of prioritizing network traffic. First i drown small diagram that displayed traffic that i had and priorities that i was will to give to that traffic. I placed diagram here, but i must warn you, i […]

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Failsafe zoneminder with gluster and geo-replication.

Near year ago i configured zoneminder for monitoring my approach. But i got one problem, host that running zoneminder placed in same approach, so, if it will be stolen, it will be stolen with recordings. I spend a lot of time while choosing solution to organize replication on remote server. Most solution that i found […]

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How to block large ip subset on the example of TOR

I wrote before how i blocked TOR exit nodes by iptables, disadvantages of method that i used before – big amount of rules (one per each ip). This solution easy and obvious, but had speed penalty. Today i want write about more effective solution that use ipset, let’s see what is ipset: IP sets are […]

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How to swindle hoster or the tale of how to defeat greed.

I remembered one interesting story. One time we bought dedicated server, when we made out the order i specified partition layout in additional comment section (raid 1 + lvm), when i got access to the server i saw that OS have one partition on LVM spliced over both drives. We wrote email, and asked to […]


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How to transfer data between hosts securely.

From time to time i faced with task how to transfer important data between servers securely (ie over ssl or something similar). I do not use passwords for remote access and do not have private keys on remote systems, so i can not use ssh for this purposes. First i wanted to write about solution […]

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Bug in munin

Few weeks i observed strange graphs for network usage produced by munin, i did not attach any importance to this. But few days ago when i seen again 600Mbit badwidth usage on host that had 10Mbit connection i remembered that before made some changes in munin.conf. I looked at config and found that changed directive […]

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A riddle from abyss

A week ago, when i worked at home computer i encountered with strange issue, xorg was stuck, i tried ctrl-alt-backspace and magic keys without result, so i rebooted host. While computer is booted i saw few errors from different daemons that they can not found some files and finally when i tried to login i […]

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